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Make Your Onw Blog Image Header

Blog Header is an online tool which Bighugelabs offered. This is a simple web tool that lets bloggers to make blog image header easy.

You can use any image to make an image header for your blog. Just simple upload your favorite picture or from online image host such as Flickr, Photobucket. You can pick cropped part from Center, Top/Left, Bottom/Right of image. After click Create button all done.

Look at what I did below.

Blog HeaderBighugelabs提供的一个在线工具,这是一个简单的工具,可以让你为blog制作自己的blog图片头更简单。

你可以使用任何图片来制作blog的图片头,只要从电脑中上传图片或从其他的图片寄存网站直接连接图片,如Flickr, Photobucket等。你可以选择剪接图片的位置,然后点击“创建”按钮即可。



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