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Links 07/28

Zipclip - It is a small application that helps you send stuff (web page, photo, video, document) to you or your friend's cell phone.

Iringer - offers a free software that makes ringtone for your iPhone.

Your Mp3 Search - as title you know what it doing for you, search and download free MP3 music.

url-info - an online web tool that allows you check any website's information, such as headers, links, images.

Akapost - a two way email forwarding service that allows you to send and receive emails from your existing email account without disclosing your actual email address.

Zipclip - 它是一个网络服务小程式,可以帮助你发送文件到你和你的朋友的移动电话上,文件格式包括网页、图片、视频及文字文件。

Iringer - 提供一个免费的软件来为你的iPhone制作铃声。

Your Mp3 Search - 看一下标题就知道它的功能,搜索和下载免费MP3音乐。

url-info - 一个网络工具,可以用它来检查任何网站的信息,包括网页头、链接、图片等。

Akapost - 一个双向的电子邮件转发服务器,可让你在不透露真实邮件地址的前提下发送邮件。

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