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Make A Text Clouds Picture

I really think internet is a magic that allows you find many many interesting things including some funky tools. Wordle is a kind of tool that allows you make a beautiful text clouds. It is not a live text cloud for your website but it still pretty.

You can use this tool to create your own text clouds in two ways: one is you can type your words into the table, another one is type your website's address or an Atom or RSS feed.

After that, it will load a java platform that gives you some options to choose font, color, layout. It is a magic but only for a picture that you can save it on server or print, it is not a live clouds widget for your site. Just for fun.


你可以使用这个工具来创建你自己的文字云,它有两种方法:一是直接在表格内输入文字;二是输入一个网址或一个Atom/RSS feed。


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