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Let Your Email Snoozing

I had a post that talk about an email service called Time Machine, that service allows you make schedule for send email in the future. Another similar email service is Mail Freezr.

This time I like introduce another one that called Hit Me Late. This service is similar above two but a little bit different, that is it only for send email to yourself late. It is really simple to use, even you do not need register. Just forward any email to

For example:

# - Receive your mail after 24 hours.
# - Receive your mail after 4 hours.
# - Receive your mail at the next Wednesday

I do not think that is a useful service but make fun.

我曾经介绍过一个电子邮件服务,它叫Time Machine,主要是可以让你制定一个将来发送电子邮件的时间。另一个邮件服务Mail Freezr也基本类似。

这次我要介绍的是Hit Me Late,它与前两个邮件服务基本相似,但有点不同的是它只是让你延迟发送邮件给你自己。它使用起来非常简单,甚至不需要注册。你可以讲任何邮件转发到。

# - 延迟24小时收到邮件
# - 延迟4小时收到邮件
# - 延迟到下一个星期三收到邮件


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