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Multilingual Community

Xiha Life is an online community but that is a little different other one, it is a multilingual community, that mean you can have communication with other users more than one language. Of course, even you only know one language whatever English or Japanese you still can join it. So Xiha Life is a typical international multilingual community.

How does it doing? You can choice your language register with Xiha Life, you can pick your main language and other that you can speak. It will automatic separated information in your account. For example, if you speak English and Japanese you will see community information in these two languages, your dashboard appears all information that from English and Japanese. So, you will never miss highlight from these forums.

Xiha Life is a typical online community, like other community it has different topic forums, from life to sports. If you like you have a lot of choices in your language. I think it will be a biggest online community if it keep going.

Xiha Life是一个在线社区但它不同于别的在线社区,它是一个多语言社区,也就是说你可以使用多种语言与别的用户交流。当然,即时你只能说一种语言无论是英语还是日语你都可以加入。所以Xiha Life是一个典型的多语言国际社区。


Xiha Life是一个典型的在线社区,它与别的网络社区一样拥有不少主题论坛,从日常生活到体育话题,如果你愿意你会有很多选择。我想如果它持续发展的话很可能成为最大的社区。

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