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1TB Online Space For Free

Oosah is another online storage site that offers huge space till to 1TB (1024GB) for free. Do you need this huge space? Maybe that cause competition web service want attract more users, so everyone give you a free lunch. Filesavr offers 250GB for free two weeks ago, now you can have 1TB space for free. Sounds great!

But I really hope these server can keep longer, if you upload too many stuff on one place they will also have risks, some web servers can not afford too heavy bandwidth and crash down. I had heard Divshare wants sale its site but finally it still alive, it just reduce free user's space. Now, many people like put their files on internet especially media files, because it is easy to share file with other people, that is also make heavy bandwidth.

Oosah是另一个在线储存网站,它提供惊人的巨大空间达1TB (1024GB),而且还是免费的。你真的需要这么大的空间吗?也许是由于网络储存服务之间的竞争,大家都想给你免费的午餐。两个星期前Filesavr提供250GB的免费空间,现在我们又可得到1TB,听上去真的不错!


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