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If you are a blogger as me we know we welcome visitors leave comments on our blog, we have special section for comments, people are easy to find where they can leave comments. But it is not every site allow you leave comments even they do not have comment section on their website. For example, how can you leave a comment on Google site?

We say that is a new site that allows post comments for any website. It is easy to leave a comment even without register. Just put a web address into a search bar, click "search" button. It will show you comments if some people already left comments, and you can write your comment there.

The good thing is this site offers a place for your comment, but it also has a bad thing that is you can find a lot of junk comments there. I think it need improve its filter and ban junk comments.


We say that是一个新的网站,它提供一个地方让你对任何网站写下评论。它非常容易使用,而且还不用注册。只要在它的搜索条上输入你要评论的网址,点击“搜索”按钮即可,它会显示一个页面,如果有人已经留下评论的话你可以看到他们,你也可以写下自己的评论。


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