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Some Links - 09/22

Apptism - another way to keep track Apple store applications. It has 3868 applications now, you can search application by Category for your iPhone.
Hazelmail - turns your photo into a postcard. Upload your photo, write down your text, pay a few fee. It will do rest for you (stamp, mail). - a music e-postcard service, simple upload your photo and Mp3, send to your friend.
Abouthisite - check any website's information. - Offers internet speed test.

Apptism - 另一种方法保持Apple store的iPhone程序更新,目前它有3868个程序,你可以通过分类来搜索程序。
Hazelmail - 将你的图片转为明信片。上传照片、写下文字,付一些费用。然后它会为你坐余下的(邮票、发信)。 - 一个音乐电子明信片服务,简单上传你的照片和MP3音乐,发送给你的朋友。
Abouthisite - 检查任何网站的信息。 - Offers internet speed test.提供网络速度测试。

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