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Video Surf Online

If you want watch internet video where do you want to go? I think most people prefer go to Youtube. Yes, this is a biggest online video site but not only one. Actually, you have a lot of choices. How can you find video online? Of course, you need use a search engine. I do not want say Google that is not good for search video.

VideoSurf is a new kind of search engine but only for videos. If you know how to search something you can search video with VideoSurf even more convenience. so I do not want introduce how to use it but I need mention a good point, that it has a visual summary of videos after you click button. You can see some video frames list on result page beside main video thumbnail. I do like its interface, it is not show you about video results, it also shows you about Categories and Video Sources. So you have more choices to pick video from Categories like Funny, Music, News. Or you can pick video search from Video Sources that allows you search some video sites, such as Youtube, Metacafe, Google Video, Dailymotion. It is very useful if you want only search video on one or two sites.

VideoSurf is a beta version, so it requires an invite for register. If you want try you can leave your email address on main page.


VideoSurf是一个新型搜索引擎,但专用于搜索网络视频。如果你知道使用搜索引擎的话就可以自如地使用它。我并不想在这上面多费口舌,而是说一下它比较特别的地方。当你点击搜索按钮后,它会带给你一个视觉化的搜索结果。你可以看到不但有一个搜索的视频缩图,而且还可以在视频缩图边看到这个视频的幅屏。我非常喜欢它的界面,它不仅显示视频搜索的结果,而且还显示目录和视频来源网站列表。这就让你有更多的选择,如目录下的“Funny”、“Music”、“News”。或者特定搜索哪一个视频网站,如Youtube, Metacafe, Google Video, Dailymotion。如果你想集中搜索一、两个视频网站的话,它非常方便。


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