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Web Based Password Manager

Mashedlife is a password manager that allows people to storage all your passwords in one place, and it will automatic signed in different sites for you. It is really useful people whom have too many social network accounts, so you just need remember one password to organize other accounts, after you assigned these accounts with Mashedlife you can forget about these password.

Mashedlife uses a script bookmarklet code that you need add it on toolbar or bookmark of browser. You can add different sites into Mashedlife. After all done, you just click bookmark login icon on toolbar, it will fill ID and password for you, it makes you sign in site much easier than before.

But it has a problem while I added a new account, you must use a login page that same one that you created account. It is a little bit difficult for inexperience users. Even for me, I spent a half hour to figure out how to create multiply accounts.




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