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Monitor Your Favorite Sites

Site Reloader is a free online service that allows you store your favorite sites and monitor them. It is very easy to do with it, after you create account just fill your favorite site, click ADD button. You can add multiple sites, it will monitor them. It is a good tool for monitor some websites like eBay, Digg, Twitter, you can know what these sites update quickly.

Site Reloader是一个免费的在线服务,它可以让你储存和监视你喜欢的网站。它使用起来很简单,注册后只要输入网站地址,点击“添加”按钮即可。你可以添加多个网站,它会监视这些网站的更新。这是一个非常有效的工具来了解一些网站的最新消息,如eBay, Digg, Twitter。你可以快速地了解这些网站的更新情况。

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