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People Search Engine

123 People is a people search engine that allows you search people around the world. It is not like yellow page you can find people directly but you can use it to search people who often use internet, join social network, or email address. The search result displays included picture, video, social network ID, email address, website.

123 People based on Austria, originally covering only Europe but now it enlarges international searching. Of course, you can use it to search people in USA. I think it is for younger people, because most younger people like use internet, it much easier to search them than old people who have less internet activities.

123 People是一个寻人搜索引擎,它可以让你搜索世界各地的人。它并不象黄页那样可以直接发现要找的对象,但是你可以用它来寻找那些常常上网的人,可以发现他们的社会性网站的用户名和电子邮件地址。搜索的结果会显示包括照片、视频、社会性网络用户名、电子邮件地址和个人网站。

123 People基于奥地利,最初的服务对象是欧洲大陆用户,现在它将目光扩展到全球。当然,你可以使用它来搜索美国的用户。我想这比较市和搜索年轻人,因为他们喜欢上网,这比搜索那些很少有网上活动的老年人来说要容易得多。

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