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Remote Capture Password When You Use Wired Keyboard

Two Swiss men Martin Vuagnoux and Sylvain Pasini say they have 4 ways to remote find out the passwords when users use their wired keyboard of computer. They did test at least 11 models of keyboard these are vulnerable, at least one of the 4 attacks that they carried out. The distance up to 20 meters, even through walls.

They also claim that online banking and ATM money machines are also now vulnerable to these attacks.

Watch this video that shows you about this test:

两个瑞士人Martin Vuagnoux和Sylvain Pasini声称他们发现有四种方式可以在用户使用有线键盘时遥控窃取用户输入的密码。他们测试了11种他们认为有弱点的键盘,至少四分之一的次数他们窃取了密码。最远的距离是20公尺,甚至可以隔墙进行。


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