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Use Cellphone To Send Your Business Card

Are you a businessman? Do you have a lot of business cards? If you do maybe this service good for you. is a free service that allows you send business card by your cellphone, it called "bzCards". It is easy to use and fast to create new connections.

How does it work? Actually, it is a text message service. After you registered with, you will get an account that lets you create your "bzCards". When you meet someone new, just text their cellphone number or email address to 762763 (RMBRME). They will get a link to your bzCard quickly where they can add you to their address book. You can also get their bzCard sent back to your phone.

It works with any text message capable phone and on any cell phone carrier in the US.

你是一个做生意的人吗?你是否有不少名片? 如果是的话也许这个服务会适合你。Rmbrme.com十一个免费服务,它可以让你用移动电话发送名片,这个名片叫做"bzCards"。它非常容易使用和快速创建新的联系人。

它是如何运转的?事实上它是一个移动简讯服务。当你在 上注册一个账户后可以创建你的"bzCards"。当你见到一个新的生意伙伴时可以用移动电话将他的电话号码或电子邮件地址发送到762763 (RMBRME)。他会很快收到你的"bzCards",并可以将其添加到地址簿中。你也可以收到"bzCards"的返回信息。


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