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Watch New Movies On Youtube Screening Room

Youtube has launched The Screening Room, which is a platform for short films from around the world. Actually, these movie are not short, some movies are longer than one hour. Every other Friday you will watch 4 new films on The Screening Room.

I really do not what kind movie it played, maybe they are all independent filmmakers, I mean they are not depends on big commercial company. Maybe they are looking wide audiences. This movie also you can find them on their personal Youtube channel but the quality is much better on The Screening Room.

This week is Asian Film Festival, Chinese film “The Princess of Nebraska“, South Korean animated film “The Chestnut Tree“, Japanese short film “Scab“, HK animated film “The Tired City“. Do not miss any good movie!

Youtube开始运转它的新频道The Screening Room,它是一个专为世界各地的短电影架设的平台。事实上这些电影并不短,有些还超过1小时。每个周五你都可以在The Screening Room上看到4部新电影。

我不知道这些是什么样的片子,也许他们都是一些独立制片人,也就是说他们的电影并不依赖那些商业公司。也许他们在寻找广泛的观众源。这些片子你也可以在Youtube的个人频道中观看,但在The Screening Room的画质显然要高很多。

这个星期是亚洲电影节,有4部亚洲电影上演:中国的“The Princess of Nebraska“、韩国的卡通片“The Chestnut Tree“、日本短片“Scab“、以及香港的卡通片“The Tired City“。不要错过好片子!

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