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Download And Convert Youtube Video Online

Youtube is a most popular video site, it updates thousands new videos everyday. I think that is why people like it, because everyday when you surf on it you always find new video there. I know many way you can download these video even Youtube never offer this function. But most download tools only download flv flash format, you need use a flv player to play it, or convert it to another format which you can play it on other media player.

Catch Youtube is an online tool that can help you download Youtube and convert it to some different media formats like mpg,mov,DVD,mp4,3gp,mp3.

It is simple to do, just copy a Youtube video address and paste it to its bar, pick a farmat that you prefer use. After click button it will do its job for you. Waiting a while after it finished you can download. It is a one step tool, and very useful.

Youtube是一个最受欢迎的视频网站,它每天更新上千部新视频。我想这也是为何大家喜欢它的原因之一,因为每天当你浏览这个网站时总会发现很多新视频。我知道不少工具可以下载它的视频,尽管Youtube从来也不提供下载,但是还是有不少方法可以下载它的视频。但是大多数工具所下载的是flv flash格式,你需要一个flv播放器材能播放其视频,或者将其转换成其他你能播放的媒体格式。

Catch Youtube是一个在线工具,它可以帮助你下载Youtube的视频,并且将其转换成不同的多媒体格式,如mpg,mov,DVD,mp4,3gp,mp3。


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