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Transport Bookmark From One Browser To Another One

I do not know if you like use different browsers but I do, I also know someone do either. My main browser is Firefox, sometimes I use Opera, IE, especially take them with my USB flash drive. But I always have problem while I use their bookmark, because all bookmark setup on my main browser, if I need check a bookmarked site with Opera I need open Firefox. It was really inconvenient.

I was looking for a web based bookmark server but that still is not perfect. I have some personal bookmarked sites like banks. shopping sites, and personal habit sites, I do not want put these sites on a public place.

Now, I found a software can help me do better job. Transmute is a nice software that helps you transport your bookmark from one browser to another. It supports all main browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera and Safari. It is very easy to using, pick one browser that you want export, and pick another one that you want saved. It also allows you backup your bookmark.



现在,我终于发现了一个软件可以帮助我。Transmute是一个不错的软件,它可以帮助我将书签从这个浏览器转到另一个浏览器中。它支持所有主流浏览器,如Google Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera和Safari。它也非常容易使用,只要选择一个你想输出书签的浏览器,再选一个你想保存书签的浏览器即可。它也可以让你备份你的书签。

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