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A Small Download Manager For Rapidshare

Rapidshare is a biggest file hosting site that hosts tons files included videos, photos, documents, applications. Many people like search files there everyday. But it has a problem when you download file if you are a free user, waiting, limited bandwidth. I had a post that introduced a software FreeRepid Downloader before, today I want talk about another one.

Raptor is a small download manager for Rapidshare. It is easy to use, just add file address into application it will download them automatically.

Raptor has a default Russian interface but you can change it to English, looks just like screenshot below.

It is a small software, only for Windows system, it requires the .Net 2.0 framework.

Rapidshare是最大的文件共享网站,它储存成千上万的文件,包括视频、音频、文本文件、软件等等。每天都有很多人在它的网站上搜索下载文件,但是如果你是一个免费用户的话可能会觉得不太方便,如等待、带宽限制等等。以前我有一篇文章介绍一个下载器FreeRepid Downloader,今天我要谈的另一个下载管理器。



这是一个小软件,只适用于Windows系统,需要.Net 2.0 framework。

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