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Some Small, Simple Search Sites

I had many posts that talk about search engines before, usually we like a search engine with many functions. Of course, Google is number one, others are following.

But, do you think about to use a small, simple search site? I think sometimes we need simple. Today, I like introduce some small, simple search sites, they all are special.

LeanTube is a small search site that only search videos on Youtube. No any other feature, just clean videos of result.

Triplify is a triple simplify engine, search, compare and sort results from the main three engines - Google, Yahoo and MSN Live.

Deligio is a personal software search engine that lets you search and download software quickly.

Speckly is a Google powered torrent search site, it is simple but useful.

Torrenttab is another Google powered torrent search site, uses tag searching.




Triplify是一个简单的三重搜索引擎,可以从三个主要的搜索引擎- Google, Yahoo and MSN Live上进行搜索、比较、和分类。




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