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Try Safari Browser With Windows System

I know most Windows users like use IE, Firefox, or Opera browsers to surf internet, many years ago some people used Netscape browser but now it almost have forgotten. I wander how many Windows users try use Safari browser which make by Apple for Mac? Recently, I try to install Safari browser into my Windows system computer. Just mention Safari browser also has a version for Window system.

First thing is go to Apple Safari, or direct download it.

After that, click "SafariSetup" file to install. A welcome window appeared like these screenshots below.

No any problem while install browser, after all done you can open this new browser.

I am really think Safari browser pretty cool, and very fast. I have not test this browser at all, but it worth to try.


当然,首先到Apple Safari网站下载软件,或者直接点这里下载。




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