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China Channel Firefox Add-on

We know some countries are censor internet content very tighter, China is a top one that uses high technology to control Chinese users read sensitive material from internet. Recently, Chinese government crack down many websites that they have some porn and pornographic content. We live outside China so we do not know what kind of websites Chinese users can not surf on. Sometimes my Chinese friends told me they can not read this blog. Why? because it has some sensitive content. What is sensitive content? Nobody know.

China Channel is a Firefox add-on, it offers you a virtual online surf environment in China. Actually, this add-on puts your browser with some Chinese proxies while you use it surf online. Most time, no big difference between regular and this add-on, just like home to surf online, but if you try to some political or porn sites you may can not through them.

An interesting subject, you can look this video below.


China Channel是一个Firefox添加件,它提供你一个虚拟的中国网络环境。事实上,它使用一些中国代理服务器来帮助你浏览网络。大多数时候它与普通的浏览器并没有什么不同,但是当你试图浏览一些政治内容或者是色情网站的话,你就无法进行浏览。


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