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LittleShoot, A Web Based P2P File Sharing Site

LittleShoot is a new web based p2p file sharing site that helps you discover, download and publish file on its own network. Now, this network is including LittleShoot database, Limewire, Youtube, Flicker, and Yahoo.

Web based p2p file sharing that means you do not need a p2p client, just use your browser, but it still requires a plugin. You can use your browser to search, publish, download files.

To use LittleShoot, first you need download a plugin that can let you doing this job. Some users say they have little bit problem with this plugin, because sometimes it does not work. Me either, I had trouble after I installed this plugin. Even after I installed plugin LittleShoot still prompted me need download plugin, so I did twice. It seems can not detect if plugin on your computer. Finally, I got success, but when I shut off my browser and start again this trouble appeared again. I tried to get some helps but only a few information you can use that except send email to LittleShoot. I really think it needs improve this system, and enlarge its own database, sometimes I search something but nothing display on interface.

I think it is a new concept but it still has a long way to go.

LittleShoot是一个基于在线网站的点对点文件分享网站,它可以帮助你在它自己的网络中发现、下载和发布文件。现在,这个网络包括LittleShoot database, Limewire, Youtube, Flicker, and Yahoo




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