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Qtweb, A Secure, Clean, Fast Browser

I like Firefox, so most time I use it to surf online. Firefox is a strong internet browser, like any main internet browser Firefox also made bigger and bigger now. Sometimes we need a tiny, clean, and fast browser, no too fancy, no too much functions.

Qtweb is this kind of browser. This browser based on open source Apple's WebKit and Nokia's (former Trolltech) Qt framework. The main point is secure, portability, less memory usage, and fast. For privacy, Qtweb is very good, it stops any internet track leave into your computer, no support java, you can block cookies, popups, javascripts, even hide User Agent. Another very good point is portability, you can install it with UBS flash drive. If you install it in your hard drive it still stops any tracks write into computer. After you installed it will two create folders for browser caches and settings automatically. You set it become a private browser.

I had a try, its interface is clean, no any fancy features, but running fast. It is a great browser for people who want a clean, fast, and secure browser.


Qtweb就是这样一个浏览器,它基于Apple's WebKit和Nokia's (former Trolltech) Qt framework平台。它的主要特点是安全、便携式、使用更少电脑内存,而且快速。就安全而言,Qtweb表现非常出色,它可以阻止任何网络垃圾进入你的电脑,不支持java,可以锁住cookies、跳跃窗口、javascripts,甚至可以隐藏User Agent。另一个优点是便携式,你可以装载U盘中。即使你安装在电脑上,它也会组织任何网络垃圾写入电脑系统。在你安装后它会自动创建两个文件夹,他们分别提供给浏览器缓存和设置使用。你也可以将浏览器设置为私人性质。


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