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Watch Movie, TV Show Online With Graboid

Graboid is a client that allows you watch and download movie or TV show on your computer via internet. Not like other video sites that they use http protocol to stream video, Graboid uses Usenet servers (Giganews) to stream video. Of course, its speed and quality are better than normal video sites.

Graboid can stream over 130,000 videos, you can choose normal or high definition video. The best point is you can also download these videos if you want watch them offline. Graboid is not like torrent services that have many broke links, it offers every video can play or download.

Graboid calls itself a free access service, but actually it is a commercial service. It offers 4GB bandwidth usage and lets you try for free, but after that you need upgrade to a pay user. If you want try you need download a client, after that create an account, that is free. First month you get 4GB bandwidth usage for free, if you want watch HD video it uses more bandwidth than normal video. I did a try, speed and video quality are very good, no any problem for me to online watch and download video, but it is not a real free service.




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