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Web Trend Map

Information Architects Japan created a Web Trend Map. This map based on a Tokyo subway map, just uses website name to replace real station name. It is a clickable map, so you can click any station that will links a website. It uses different colors mark track lines for different kind of website, like green line marks main sites, blue line marks Japanese sites.

It is a really interesting map, suppose update every year. It also offers real map or download digital map in PDF file.

Information Architects Japan创建了一个网络趋势地图,这个地图完全基于一个东京的地铁地图,只是用一些网站的名字来取代原来真正的地铁站名。它是一个可以点击的地图,所以当你点击一个站点的时候就会链接到一个网站。它使用不同颜色的线路来标明不同类型的网站,如绿色线路标明的是主流网站,蓝色线路标明的是日本网站。


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