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Record, Send Audio Message With Vocaroo

Vocaroo is a web based audio message service that allows you record and send your audio file via email, or put it on your website. It has a very clean interface, you need a microphone, just click "Click to Record" button to start recoring. After recorded, you can choose send it or put it on website. It is pretty simple.

Vocaroo是一个在线音频信息服务商,它可以让你录制和通过电子邮件发送你的音频消息,或直接放在网站上。它有一个非常干净的界面,你需要一个麦克风,只要点击"Click to Record"按钮即可进行录制。在录音后你可以选择发送,或者直接放在网站上。它非常简单。

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