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Unlimited Online Storage: Livedrive

I think most web users know about Microsoft Live offers a free online storage that called Skydrive, it gives you 25GB online storage. If I tell you Livedrive offers unlimited online space maybe you confused about that. I tell you this web service based on GB, it is totally different between two companies.

Livedrive uses two ways to access online storage: one is to use web based upload interface, it gives you a web page like that Another way is access the storage via an L: drive on local hard drive, you have to download a small software to do that function.

I had check this service, it does not mention if service free or payment service on front page, after I signed in an account I did not find any price for payment account. Only thing I found it mentioned 30 day free trial on Terms of Service. It seems strange.

I also tried this service, I only test web based upload speed that it was so slow. I have no idea who want pay money for this kind of service.


Livedrive使用两种方法进入网络硬盘:一是使用在线界面进行上传下载文件,它会给你一个专用网页如;二是使用一个软件在你的电脑上增加一个L: drive,这样你可以上传下载文件如本地硬盘一样。



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