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Xenocode Browser Sandbox

Xenocode is an IT company that develops next generation technologies designed to make the world's software available instantly, anywhere, on any device. Xenocode Browser Sandbox is a project that allows all popular Windows browsers to be run simultaneously, directly from the web, including IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera.

Why we need Xenocode Browser Sandbox? The best pint is they do not have to install these browsers into your computer, just direct download them and running as an isolated portable executed file. They do not associate and write anything into computer system, so you can run them with any Windows version, even like IE6/7/8, side by side.

It is very good for people who want test different browsers, download - running - delete, all are so simple.

Xenocode是一个IT公司,它主要开发一些下一代技术设计的软件可以在任何装置和地方即时运行。Xenocode Browser Sandbox就是其中的一个项目,它可以让所有流行的浏览器直接从网络上下载后同时运行,包括:IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera

为什么我们需要Xenocode Browser Sandbox?它的最大好处是这些浏览器并不需要安装,只要下载后直接运行即可,如同一个独立的可执行文件那样。他们不会关联和写入电脑系统,所以你可以将他们运行在各种Windows系统版本中,甚至可以将IE6/7/8浏览器同时运行。


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