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How To Use IE To Browse Website In Firefox

This subject seems a little bit strange. Yes, you will ask "how can you running IE browser in Firefox"? To talk about this question I have no any experience, but I know we have a way to do that job. It is not difficult, actually it is pretty easy. Only you have to do is install an extension on Firefox.

IE Tab is a Firefox add-on, it embed IE browser in a tab of Firefox. So you can use it to browse some websites that design for IE browser, or update your Windows without IE browser. After you installed it, you can use right click a link, choose "Open Link in IE Tab" on the menu if you want use IE tab. You can create rules in add-on option for some websites are always opening with IE tab. It is an easy and useful tool.

I tried to use IE Tab to update Windows, but I do not why it did not work, everything seems fine, maybe my IE browser has some problem.


IE Tab是一个Firefox的添加件,它在Firefox的tab中镶嵌一个IE浏览器。这样你就可以用Firefox来浏览一些专为IE设计的网站,或者不用IE就可以到Windows网站上进行更新。安装添加件后,你可以使用右键点击链接,在拉开的菜单中选择"Open Link in IE Tab",它会在新窗口中使用IE浏览器进行浏览。你还可以在添加件的选项中创建规则,规定哪些网站总是用IE Tab浏览。这是一个简单和使用的工具。


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