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Make A Face Picture With Moonjee

Moonjee is a fun site that allows you use its online tool to create your face picture. You can make a face picture that has your personal character or just a funny face. It has different features, like "Make a Face", "Make a Face Art", "Bland Face", "Analyze a Face", and "Virtual Makeover".

Under these items, you can make different pictures with different characters. Like under "Make a Face", you can make a funny face, young or old face, ugly or attractive face. Under "Make a Face Art", you can put mask or tattoo on the face. You can use some pictures on the list, or upload your own picture from your computer. After all done you can download it from App Store for your iPhone, or from iTunes.

Moonjee是一个有趣的网站,它可以让你使用它的在线工具来创建你的脸部图片。你可以创建一个带有你个人特征的,或者是一个奇怪的脸。它有不少不同的特点,如"Make a Face"、"Make a Face Art"、"Bland Face"、"Analyze a Face",以及"Virtual Makeover"。

在这些栏目下,你可以使用不同的特征来创建不同的图片,如在"Make a Face"下,你可以创建一个奇怪的脸部图片、年轻或年老、丑陋或美貌。在"Make a Face Art",你可以将脸罩或刺青放在脸部。可以从它的列表中选择图片,或者直接从你的电脑中上传自己的图片。完成后,你可以从App Store,或者iTunes下载该图片。

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