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Online Karaoke Make Fun

Some web services really can make you fun, Karaoke Party is one of them. It is an online party for Karaoke fans, you have to do is plug in your microphone on your computer, choose a song that you liked, singing...

To join Karaoke Party is free, just register an account. If you do not know about a song you can click "Preview", it will play a piece of original song. If you do not know about song's lyrics you can click "Info", you can follow lyrics to singing. It also has a community that allows you check who sang song and write comments. If you like you can create a page and make friends.

Karaoke Party is a fun site, if you want make fun maybe this is a good site for spending time.

有些网络服务的确可以让你快乐,Karaoke Party就是其中的一个。它是一个在线卡拉OK社区,你所需要做的是在电脑上插入麦克风,选择你喜欢的歌,开唱......

参加Karaoke Party是免费的,只要注册一个账户即可。如果你对一首歌不熟悉的话,可以点击"Preview",它播放一段原唱。如果你不知道一首歌的歌词的话,可以点击"Info",它会显示歌词你可以跟随它唱。它也是一个在线社区,可以让你查看谁的歌,以及写下评论。如果你喜欢的话还可以创建个人网页,结交朋友。

Karaoke Party是一个娱乐网站,如果你想制造快乐的话,也许可以在那里消磨一些时间。

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