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Use IPSharkk Surf Online Without Borders

Nowadays, we can find many security software to help you remove your online tracks. Proxy is simplest way but less private and inconvenience. VPN is best one but most services are not free, some tools are good and free but a little bit difficult to figure out for regular users, like Tor Network . Today, I would like introduce another useful tool to hide your online tracks.

IPSharkk is a little bit different software, it turns your computer like a server, it likes a network that you can use every participant's IP as a proxy bridge, it seems you join, you share. Fortunately, IPSharkk has a free version, so we can use it surf online anonymously.

Let us start talk this software, first you have to download and install it as a other regular software. After that you can run it but nothing happen except you do these steps below.

1, Click “Offline” button, it will ask you to fill a form for register an account, you can fill your email address, choose a user name and password.

2, Check your email inbox, you will get an email with a link of verification, click it.

3, Now, you can use this software. Double click software icon which located on system tray, it opens a small interface of window, under "Tools" you can click "Login", fill you email, use name, and password. After signed in your account the “Offline” will turn "Online".

4, This is a last step, choose a location of server (different countries) on main menu. You also can see your location on there. Use your mouse to check a fast
server (it shows server speed fast, medium, and slow), click it and click "Start" button on top bar. It will connect to a server that you picked, you do not have to do other configuration with browser. It supports IE and Firefox, or maybe other browsers.

I had try, it works fine, but I could not use it to watch BBC iPlayer video, because British server (only a few) speed is slow. I also had try an American server (most servers are location on US) to watch Hulu, it works fine for me.

It also has a premium version that costs $27 a month, I think it is so expensive but has more functions and choice. If you only use it to surf online the free version is enough.








我对这个软件进行测试,它工作正常,只是速度不快。我用它来观看BBC iPlayer的视频并没有成功,也许是英国的服务器速度不够快(上面只有很少的服务器来自英国)。我也用美国服务器来测试观看Hulu的视频,一切顺利(大多数服务器来自美国)。


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