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Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive is a music site that based on WFMU, that is a radio station in America. It offers high quality music to public for play or download, it looks like a music platform that lets you search or browse music by genre.

I think the best point is it offers music links for direct downloading. It is free and legal, just click a link it will popup a dialog window that lets you download. Free Music Archive is also an online community, you can join it and add your music playlist and post your comments for music. It is a good music resource for music lovers.

Free Music Archive是一个音乐网站,它由一个美国的电台WFMU创建。它对大众提供一些高质量的音乐节目,可免费播放和下载,它看上去就像一个音乐平台,可以让你使用分类方式搜索和播放音乐。

我想它的最大优点是提供下载音乐链接,而且是免费和合法的。只要点击一个链接就会跳出一个对话框让你下载到电脑硬盘中。Free Music Archive也是一个在线社区,你可以免费注册,之后就可以添加你的音乐到播放列表,以及发布你的评论。对一些音乐爱好者来说这是一个很好的资源。

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