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Google Voice Merged GrandCentral Phone Service

After almost two years, Google finally made a deal with Grand Central which improve its VOIP phone, voice mail, and SMS service. Now it called Google Voice that is a service and gives you one number for all your phones, voice mail that is easy as email, and many enhanced calling features like call blocking and screening, voice mail transcripts, call conferencing, international calls, and more.

With Google Voice, you can call US phone number for free, and cheap rate for international calling. It is currently available for Grand Central users only, but will be open to new users soon. If you like you can leave your email address and require invitation on this page.

I had try, it seems work fine. The best point I liked that is you can forward phone call to your home phone or cellphone, and hide your real phone number. To get a virtual phone number, you can put it anywhere that you liked, website, public contact list, you do not have to worry about leak your real phone number.

在经过几乎两年的接触,Google终于与Grand Central达成协议,改善它的VOIP电话、语音邮件和短信服务。现在它被称为Google Voice,它一个网络服务,给与你一个电话号码将所有其他的电话号码会合在一起,发送语言邮件,以及其他一些功能,如屏蔽电话号码,拷贝语音电话,拨打国际电话等。

Google Voice,你可以免费拨打美国电话,以及价格便宜的国际电话。目前,它仅仅提供服务给Grand Central用户,不过不久就会对大众开放,如果你想要注册的话可以在这个网页留下电子邮件地址。


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