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Make Your Small Image Gallery Online

My Live Gallery is a web service that helps you to make your small image albums online. It host your pictures, and turns it become a small live gallery. You can upload your pictures or link picture from Flickr, pick a theme of frame. After all done, you will have a nice small live gallery that displays your live slideshow photo album online. It also gives some codes that for you copy and paste on website. It is easy but very nice.

It has some limited functions, like Only JPEG files supported, images can not be larger than 1800x1200, files can not be bigger than 512KB each, and maximum 10 files allowed. Take look my live album below.

My Live Gallery是一个网络服务网站,它帮助你制作一个小的在线图片专辑。它可以储存你的图片,并将其转成一个在线图片展览。你可以上传图片,或者从Flickr上连接图片到该服务器上,然后选择一个框架的主题风格。完成后你就可以拥有一个小型的在线图片馆,它可以在线连续播放你的图片。它还提供一些代码以供你靠背和粘贴到网站上。非常简单但相当不错。


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