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Online Weather Forecast Map

I Map Weather is a nice internet map site that based on Google Maps, and displays a current weather forecast map for local, nationwide, and global weather condition.

It is a real time display map, you can check your local weather just type a zip code (US) or choose global place. It has different choice for display, like radar, current conditions, or thunderstorm and tornado risk. I Map Weather is an online community either, after you registered you can post image, video, comments. It is a nice map for weather forecast.

I Map Weather是一个非常不错的网络地图网站,它基于Google地图,融合了天气预报功能来显示当前本地、国家和全球的天气状况。

这是一个即时显示地图,你可以输入区域码来查看全美当地的天气状况,也可以选择世界其他地区。它有一些不同的显示功能,如雷达、目前状况、或者雷雨和飓风警报。Google Maps也是一个在线社区,注册后你可以发布图片、视频和评论。这是一个非常不错的天气预报地图。

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