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Social Translator

Social Translator is a social community for translation, you can translate words or phrases in different languages. Like other online social community, you can helps people translate words or require words or phrases for translation.

Social Translator lists some words and phrases for translation on first page, it looks like another social translation site - Jollo. Compare to these two sites, Social Translator looks like a social community, and Jollo looks more like an online dictionary. To be honest, I do not like Social Translator, it looks a little bit mess.

Social Translator是一个社会性翻译社区,你可以将单词和句子翻译成不同的语言文字。如其他的网络社区一样,你可以帮助他人翻译单词和句子。

Social Translator在它的首页中列出了一些需要翻译的单词和句子,这看上去与另一个网络翻译社区-Jollo类似。比较这两个翻译社区,Social Translator看上去更象一个网络社区,而Jollo有点象一个网络翻译字典。说实话,我不太喜欢Social Translator,因为它的设计有点凌乱。


Anonymous said...

Messy compared to Jollo? Think you need your eyes tested. Everything about social translator looks good. They've thought about it a lot it looks like. Jollo just seems like a jumble of bits and bobs. I'll be using social translator just because of the fact it feels well designed and actually useful

Living Online said...

Well, depends on what kind of site you like. Maybe you like red color, and I like blue; you like communication, and I like simple translation. But that is OK.

Anonymous said...

Jollo had a lot of upgrades recently and looks pretty decent now.