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Zoho Add Chatting System

Zoho is an internet comprehensive suite that has launched 19 different applications, such as mail, writer, sheet, wiki, planner. Now, you can use Zoho Chat to chatting with your friends online. This is a web based chatting network that connects multiple chatting servers, like Yahoo, Google,MSN, Jabber, AIM, ICQ. You can sign in with these IDs, but first you have to register an account with Zoho Chat. You can add your friends in your connect list. If you are interesting about it you should have a try.

Zoho是一个网络综合组合器,它运转19种不同的在线运用程式,如邮件、书写、明细表、维基、计划等。现在,你可以使用Zoho Chat与你的朋友们在线聊天。这是一个基于网络的聊天系统,可以连接多个网络聊天服务器,如Yahoo, Google,MSN, Jabber, AIM, ICQ。你可以用这些用户名登陆,但首先需要注册一个Zoho Chat账户。你可以将你的朋友添加到联系人中。如果你有兴趣的话可以试一试。

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