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Cellphone Client Helps You Share Media Files

Nowadays, new technology make cellphone more functions, like take picture or video with digital camera, use 3G network access internet, if you found wi-fi hot spots you can get online for free. It is very popular in young people, they like carry their cellphone to contact friends anytime, anywhere.

Mobicue is a free application for cellphone, it is also an online community for cellphone users. With it you can upload pictures, videos, and audio recordings directly to your personalized Mobicue homepage. It can direct upload your stuff to server when you taking a picture, video, or audio. You do not have to wait, and your friends will see them at once.

Sign up Mobicue is free, just use your cellphone direct download and install it. But you have to check out if it support your cellphone. Now it supports most new Nokia phone, some models of Samsung, LG, Panasonic.




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