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A Cool Text Analyzer For Articles

Vocab Grabber is a produce of Thinkmap Inc. It is a analyzer of text, and grabs most useful vocabulary words, shows you how those words are used in context.

You can copy and paste any text article into a bar, click "Grab Vocabulary!" button, it automatically creates a list of vocabulary from your text, which you can then sort, filter, and save. It looks like tag clouds, with different color and size of font, and related seven subjects: Arts & Literature, Geography, Math, People, Science, Social Studies, Vocabulary. You can switch to other views, like "list" view, give you the vocab list in a table, with columns displaying each word's subject areas, relevance score, and number of occurrences in the text. You can select "gallery" view, displaying a thumbnail image of each word's map in the Visual Thesaurus.

It is a cool tool, if you want an analyzer for your articles you should try.

Vocab GrabberThinkmap Inc公司的一个网络服务产品,它是一个文字分析器,截取大多数有用的词组,显示这些词组在上下文的作用。

你可以拷贝和粘贴任何文章到它的表内,点击"Grab Vocabulary!"按钮,它会自动创建一个来自文章的词表,你可以分类、过滤和保存。它看上去像标签云,用不同的颜色和字体尺寸来显示,以及他们关联的七个主题:艺术和文献、地理、数学、人物、科学、社会学习,以及单词。你可以转换到其他的视觉方式,如“列表”模式,它给你一个表格化的单词列表,在栏目中列出单词关联的主题,相关分值,以及在文章中出现的次数。你还可以选择“图像”模式,显示一个缩图形式的文字图。


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