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Make Your Moments Album With ThisMoment

People love social networking, people want connect family and friends, people want make new friends who wherever live in. That is why like Myspace, Facebook these kind sites are so popular around the world. This Moment is new social networking site that helps you to record your "Moments" in your life, you can write down feelings in text, upload picture or video with mark your feeling in that moment.

It is a pretty cool site that gives you describe your "Moments" with note, picture, video, people, location, link. It allows you link to your other social networking sites like: Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, and other accounts.

I think This Moment has very clean interface, it is very easy for people who do not have any experience of internet. You can follow its guider step by step to add your materials. After all done you can setup filter that makes people who can see your "Moments".

人们喜欢社会性网络网站,人们喜欢与家人和朋友保持联系,人们喜欢结交各地的新朋友。这也就是为何一些象Myspace, Facebook这类的社会性网络网站在世界各地如此受欢迎的原因。This Moment是一个新的社会性网络服务网站,它可以帮助你纪录你人生中的一些“片断”,你可以用文字描写你当时的心情,也可以上传图片和视频来描述情景以及注明当时的感受。

这是一个不错的网站,它让你用文字、图片、视频、任务、地点、链接来描述你的某个“片断”。它也让你连接到一些其他的社会性网络服务网站,如:Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube等等。

我认为This Moment有一个非常干净的界面,对那些没有网络经验的人来说也比较容易使用,只要跟随它的向导就可以一步步地添加你的材料。完成后,你可以设定哪些人可以浏览你的这些“片断”。

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