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A New Way To Make Friends Online

Are you a social person? Do you have an account of online social network like Facebook, Myspcae? If you are and you have maybe you like this site - Youniverse, it is a website that helps you to find your VisualDNA, and discovers people who match your personality. It is a social thing, another way to make friends online.

Youniverse uses some pictures to test yourself, like favorite, feeling, habits that called VisualDNA. Doing some personality test, ask you some questions with pictures. You just choose a picture that match you and click it go to next question. When you are done, compare your personality with others to find people who match your aspirations and share your emotions. Of course, you can search people to find someone match your VisualDNA, you can add them into your friend list.

To use Youniverse you have to login your Facebook account.

你是不是一个喜欢社交的人?你有一些社会性网络社区账户吗?如Facebook, Myspcae? 如果是的话,也许你会喜欢这个网站 - Youniverse。它可以帮助你发现你的VisualDNA(视觉DNA),去寻找一些符合你个性的人。这是一种社交,另一种交朋友的方法。



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