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Update Your All Social Networking Statues At One Place

People like social networking services that cause they are so powerful, but the problem is so many sites you have to login and post your message individually. How can we go to one place and connect all of your social networking sites? Maybe Hellotxt is a good choice.

Hellotxt is a service that allows you to update all your status various services, such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and so on. It is simple to use, after you registered with it you can go Dashboard, select the services to which you want to send the message, click "send" button after wrote message. It also lets you update your networking statues via email, sms, some instant messenger, cellphone.

Hellotxt supports many social networking sites like Blogger, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, and many many.


Hellotxt是一个网络服务网站,它可以让你在一个地方更新你所有的社会性网络网站,如Facebook, Twitter, Flickr等等。它很容易使用,在你注册一个账户后可以到面板上选择一个网络服务,写完你的信息后点击发送按钮即可。他还可以让你用电子邮件、短信、网络即时通、移动电话等来更新信息。

Hellotxt支持非常多的社会性网络网站,如:Blogger, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook等等。

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