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Best Parking Map

I have a problem that is I always scared drive to a big city, because I afraid I could not find a parking lot. I think lots of people have same worries. Actually, we have some solutions for this situation, if you have a GPS device it should be easy to find a parking lot. Another way is use internet map to search parking lots in city, or use your new cellphone to check a map.

Best Parking is a map search site that is special for search parking lot in different cities, airports. It is not only display parking lot, and it also calculates parking fee by day, weekly, and monthly. It is very clear, if your cellphone can get internet it should be much easier than to ask somebody. But unfortunately this service only for major American cities and airports.


Best Parking是一个网络地图网站,它主要的功能是搜索不同机场、城市中的停车场。它不仅仅显示停车场的位置,而且还可以用天、星期和月来计算停车费。它非常清晰,如果你的手机可以上网的话,查询起来就更方便了。不过遗憾的是,这个网络服务仅仅限于一些美国的主要城市和机场。

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