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Image Gallery Search Engine

Kalooga is an image gallery search engine, it is not like other regular image search engines they only search individual image. Kalooga is a good for people who want search serial images.

What is the difference between Kalooga and regular image search engine? Regular image search engines like Images Google, that results (individual images) are matching search keyword. Kalooga is going different way, it catches a web page (image gallery) that contain subject. Take look at screenshots below (search keyword: Michael Jackson).

Images Google



Kalooga与一般的图片搜索引擎有何不同?普通的图片搜索引擎如Images Google的搜索结果(单个图片)是与所搜索的关键词吻合的。而Kalooga走的是另一条路,它是搜索网页中的图片集。可参考上面的截图(搜索关键词: Michael Jackson)。

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