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Save Your Instant Message Online

Do you use instant messenger like Yahoo, AIM, ICQ? If you do maybe this application will suit you.

Dexrex is a secure online personal database for instant message conversations. With it you can archive, search, share, access instant message at any time from any web enabled device. It supports many instant clients like Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, Digsby, Windows Live Messenger, Skype, and so on.

You must download Dexrex which is a plugin with Instant Messenger. After that you can start the application, launch your Instant Messenger and start chatting. Dexrex will automatically capture all chat traffic and store them on an online account. You can use your Instant Messenger's ID to login Dexrex online storage to check your data.

你是否使用一些即时通讯客户端,如Yahoo, AIM, ICQ?如果你使用的话,可能下面的软件适合你。

Dexrex是一个安全的在线个人即时通讯对话资料保存软件,你可以储存、搜索、进入、分享这些对话数据,它们保存在网络储存网站中,所以你能在任何时候,任何地方进入数据库。它支持很多即时通讯客户端,如Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, Digsby, Windows Live Messenger, Skype


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