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CNN Use P2P Application Share TV Stream With Your PC

Talk about P2P we always think that is a great way to share files but this is an alternated way of main internet connection. P2P can speed up connection, especially for streaming video online like internet TV, music. If you like watch CNN Live TV online you should know it pushes an application to your PC, this application called Octoshape Grid Delivery Enhancement. It will appear a small window with a note: "This site requires the Octoshape Grid Delivery enhancement for Adobe Flash Player". But it is not for regular video on CNN, only for streaming live program.

Octoshape Grid Delivery Enhancement is managed by Octoshape ApS, a company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. This is a P2P application, that means it shares your internet bandwidth with other viewers while you watch CNN live streaming TV online. It is not only CNN, other online streaming video site also use P2P application, like DW-TV, NBA.

Does P2P application affect our PC? yes. First of all, it uses PC's CPU and RAM while you watch streaming video online. Secondly, it should be a safety issue. Any application has chance to collect your computer information. Does it safe or not? Most time it should be safe, but P2P application also has two side: good and bad.

If you have high speed internet accessing plan you do not have to install this application, it will not slow your speed. Just simple click "No" button when dialog window is appearing.

谈起P2P我们总是认为这是一个很好的分享文件方法来替代主流连接方式。P2P可以加速网络连接,尤其是对即时视频网站非常有效如网络电视、音乐。如果你喜欢在线收看CNN TV节目的话你一定会注意到它会让你安装一个程式,它叫Octoshape Grid Delivery Enhancement。它会跃出一个提示窗口:"This site requires the Octoshape Grid Delivery enhancement for Adobe Flash Player"。但这不会出现在一般的CNN视频,仅仅是现场CNN电视节目。

Octoshape Grid Delivery Enhancement是丹麦的一家公司Octoshape ApS的产品。它是一个P2P程式,这也就是说它可以在你收看在线电视节目的时候与别的用户分享你的带宽。这并不仅仅是CNN,别的在线视频网站也使用这个P2P程式,如DW-TV, NBA



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