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Create Your Private Cahtroom Online

Usually, we like use some instant messengers to chatting online with other people, like Yahoo Messenger, AIM, Live Messenger, or Gtalk, and so on. But if you want talk to somebody who dose not have these clients or who have never use that stuff before how can you do? Maybe you can create a private chatting room for him/her, so you guys can chat to each other.

Chatzy is a web service that lets users to create a private virtual chatting room,you can do text chatting with your friends who is you invited. Remember, this is a private chatting room, so it only works for people who is you invited, no other strangers.

It is a web based service so you do not have to install any software, it is also very easy to create a chatting room, even you do not have to register.

Similar site: GixawChat, you can check out my another post - Create A Live Chatting Room With GixawChat, but it creates a public chatting room for everybody.

通常,我们都使用一些即时通讯客户端来与他人聊天,如Yahoo Messenger, AIM, Live Messenger, or Gtalk等等。但是,如果你想与一个没有这些客户端,或者从来不知道使用这些工具的人进行网络交流的话你该如何应对?也许,你可以自己创建一个个人的聊天室,这样你们就可以进行聊天。



类似的网站: GixawChat,你可以查看我的另一篇文章 - Create A Live Chatting Room With GixawChat。但它创建的是一个供大家使用的公共聊天室。

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