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Easy Way To Download BBC iPlayer Video

I had a post that talk about How To Download BBC iPlayer Video, as I said, BBC offers a downloader for download BBC video, but the video only keep a limited time, because it protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management). Most media players can not play BBC videos all the time. In that post I was introducing a special downloader that called Replay Media Catcher, it can stream online video and capture it into your hard drive. But it is not a freeware, you have to pay it for using.

Today, I like introduce another software that can help you to download BBC iPlayer video for free. Of course, you must in UK or use UK IP address (proxy or VPN) if you are outside of UK, that means you can watch BBC iPlayer video with your browser.

First, you have to download a software that called iPlayer Downloader (ipdl 2009), I had this application before but it did not work any more. This one is update version, I had a try it works fine now.

Next, go to BBC iPlayer, choose a video which you liked, click it and copy address. Open "ipdl 2009" application, paste video address into a bar that behind "Programme ID". Click "Download" button., it will download video at once. After display download 100%, you can check file and play it. It save video format with .MOV, you can use any media converter to convert it to other format.

我曾经写过一篇有关如何下载BBC iPlayer视频的文章,正如我所说的,BBC提供一个下载器用来下载它的视频节目,但是这些下载的视频文件有时间限制,这是由于它使用DRM (Digital Rights Management)来保护版权。大部分播放器很多时候都无法播放这些视频。在那篇文章中我介绍一个特别的下载器,它叫Replay Media Catcher,可以追踪在线播放的视频,并将其抓取保存到你的电脑硬盘中。但是它并不是一个免费软件,你需要支付一定的费用才能使用。

今天,我向大家介绍另一个软件,它可以帮助你免费下载BBC iPlayer视频文件。当然,首要条件是你在英国,或者不在英国的话要使用一个英国IP地址,如代理、VPN服务。也就是说你能使用浏览器观看BBC iPlayer的视频。

首先,你需要下载一个叫iPlayer Downloader (ipdl 2009)的软件。我以前用过这个软件,但它已经失效了。这次这个版本是更新版,我试用了一下还不错。

下一步是到BBC iPlayer,选择一个你喜欢的视频,点击视频后将该视频地址拷贝下来。然后打开"ipdl 2009",将先前拷贝下来的地址粘贴到"Programme ID"后的地址栏中,然后点击"Download"按钮,它会立刻进行下载视频文件。在它显示下载100%后可查看保存的视频文件并播放它。该文件的保存格式是.MOV,你可以用任何媒体转换器将其转到别的视频格式。

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