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Make Google Search Personalized

Google is a powerful search engine, it is my first choice if I search something. But we also have some other search engines, how can we use them together with Google? Actually, we can use a Firefox/IE extension - Webmynd to customize search result.

After you installed this extension, it will ask you some search options. After restart Firefox/IE when you use Google you have two versions: Webmynd version and original Google version.

Webmynd version has a very simple interface, almost plain, but you can change page colors.

Original Google version almost same original one, but adds some sidebars which from other search sites, like Amazon, Youtube, Wikipedia, and so on that you can add them as you like.

Now, you can search something with some different search engines on one page. That is cool.

Google是一个强大的搜索引擎,它是我搜索时第一选择。但是我们还有其他的搜索引擎,如何才能将这些搜索结果结合在Google搜索页面上?其实,我们可以使用一个Firefox/IE扩展件- Webmynd将它客户化。



原来的Google版本与过去并没有什么不同,只是添加了一些边栏供别的搜索引擎的搜索结果,如Amazon, Youtube, Wikipedia等等,你可以自行添加一些别的搜索网站。


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